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Planning Away

Every day is a wedding planning day.  It’s getting really hard to concentrate on other things when it’s less than 5 months now until we get married! (150 days to be exact!)

I did a lot last week over spring break which really kept me from doing any homework at all!  This week I got my shoes in for the wedding and I love them! We also ordered shoes for the bridesmaids AND a dress for my bridal shower.  I’m going with my mom, sister and future mother-in-law to try on my dress and my sisters dress on Sunday! I can’t wait!

Tomorrow my mom and I are going to Luigi’s in DuBois to talk to the caterer (and of course eat dinner).  I am so excited that they are able to cater our wedding. It is definitely my favorite restaurant.  We also ate there the night we got engaged!  They include so much for their price so if anyone’s looking for a caterer I can give you all the information.

Sometimes I am just beyond stressed out with school, graduation coming up, finding an internship and wedding planning on top of that.  But this is such an amazing time of life and I want to enjoy every minute! I can’t wait until August when I can see everything put together :-)

Spring Break is Time to Get Organized

This break has been really great for me! I finally got the wedding website finished and people really seem to love it! I included a link a few days ago so check it out!

Today I’m working on finalizing the guest list. I had it finished once but lost my flash drive.  I really wish it was just easy to keep track of things.  I feel like I’m always doing more to get myself organized and end up feeling even more unorganized.  I just want everything up together.

Earlier today I ordered shoes for my wedding day! I found jewelry I think I want to buy for the bridesmaids.

Now I just need to find an affordable headband to match my dress and veil, a dress for my bridal shower, marbles/gems to go in our centerpieces, and bridal shower invitations.  My mom also asked me to total up the upcoming costs…aahhh I’m ready to just be married and done with all this planning! This week with Rusty has been sooo great :-)

Spring Break - Washington, D.C.

This has been my best spring break ever.  I’m graduating in 3 years so this is only my 3rd but also my last spring break.  I wish that this week would never end.  It started with a fun and relaxing weekend.  We spent Saturday in the city seeing where Rusty works and lives and exploring.  Sunday we went to see Beastly which was great.

Rusty has work this week so now after dropping him off at the metro in the morning (The Kiss and Ride - yes they call the drop off lane that! I love it!) then I come back and fall asleep for a little bit.  Then I have been doing school work and of course wedding stuff.  What a life!

Perfect Spring Break Needs:

  • Amazing Fiance
  • Great City
  • Sleeping In
  • Wedding Planning Book

Jamaica Bound

Here we come Montego Bay, Jamaica!!!

I really thought this would never happen! We have been engaged for 7 months now and there’s just so much to do we have barely had time to talk about it. This past week we just hit the ground running and had decided in 2 days where we wanted to go and booked through AAA.  We are staying for 6 nights and 7 days at the Sandals Carlyle Resort.

There’s not much to say except…is it August 14 yet?

Check out the pictures I’m going to post soon…it looks like paradise <3

Bridesmaids… <3 Them

Although I would have liked to have a few more of my close friends in the wedding. I am so happy with the choice of my bridesmaids.  They are my closest friends and family that have been soooo helpful and supportive so far.

We all got together (except Tiffany) to plan the shower this past weekend.  I am SO looking forward to getting gifts and being the center of attention.  I know that sounds really selfish but sometimes it just seems that everything overshadows my wedding.  The shower is going to be so nice and all of my closest ladies! I can’t wait to share that time with them.

The other night we discussed a lot of stuff which was really helpful. And they even helped me to finally get the ball rolling on the honeymoon stuff.  Obviously we are excited about that but we just kept putting it off because of money….aahhh always a stressful topic. Any ideas to help save money?

Things that you need to think about for bridal showers seem endless:

  • Venue - Dixonville Wesleyan Church
  • Time - 2pm
  • Guest List - All the women invited to the wedding
  • Favors - heart shaped cookie cutters
  • Registry - Macy’s and Kitchen Collection
  • Invitations - DIY
  • Food - Soup and sandwiches by my wonderful Uncle George
  • Games - How much do you know about the bride and groom? And mad lib with cleaning supplies (which I get in the end!)
  • Prizes - Chances to win beautiful baskets made/filled by the bridesmaids

Don’t you just want to come now? I can’t believe we actually have all of that decided and started. It’s really starting to feel real now.

On a different note completely. This past week one of my dearest friends (and sister-in-law to be) Tiffany, lost her papa.  She was unable to help plan for the shower and understandably of course.  She’s still helping in every other way.  My heart just breaks for her because she is planning a wedding as well (to my fiance’s brother). We were talking today and thinking of ways to include honoring and remembering our loved ones who have past.  We all hate to think about it but it’s a reality that we have to deal with. 

I’m not sure anyone is reading this. But it is help me get through this wedding craziess! :-)

Planning …

Have you ever planned a wedding? It’s supposed to be fun and exciting. Well I guess doing it my last of college is adding a lot of stress.  I want my wedding to be my sole focus but first I need to get an internship…and then a job…and then a place to live.

Someone help. Please.

This week I have made appointments with the florist and caterer (Luigi’s!! yum). I also completely organized my wedding binder (everything is in one place and color coated! I am so proud).

On Saturday my bridesmaids are coming over and we are continuing to plan for the shower (May 1) and so I can show them all of the latest purchases. ie. centerpieces, invitations, shoes and more

Soon I will have my wedding website finished for all of you to check out!

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